US EB-5 Visa

  • Visa Type: Permanent resident
  • Residential requirement: 182 consecutive days per year
  • Processing Time: 7-8 years
  • Visa-free countries: 174 country regions
  • Country/Region: America
  • Immigration Type: Investment Immigration

EB-5 full name EmploymentBasedFifthPreference, is the fifth category of the United States occupational immigration category. In 1993, the United States in the EB-5 immigration regulations specifically added a "regional center" immigration program, eligible investors to invest 500,000 U.S. dollars in the United States local enterprises, for the local direct or indirect creation of ten employment opportunities, you can get a green card status. This immigration program is designed to stimulate U.S. domestic economic development and create jobs through the investment of foreign investors.

Application Requirements

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old
  • Applicants do not require any business background, education level, or English proficiency
  • The applicant has no asset requirements and only needs to prove that the investment amount is legitimate income
  • Immigration applicants will invest $500000 in investment projects in regional centers approved by the United States Bureau of Immigration (USCIS)

Application fee

  • BlackRock Consulting Service Fee: 50000 RMB
  • Official and third-party fees: approximately 500000 RMB
  • Investment limit: 500000 US dollars
  • Estimated total cost: approximately 3.9 million RMB
  • Returnable funds: 3.35 million RMB

Advantages of the project

  • No language, education, age, business background or other requirements
  • After obtaining a green card, one can freely enter and exit the United States and enjoy the same benefits as American citizens
  • No need to start your own business, no need to personally participate in operation and management
  • One person application, family immigration

Application process

1. Signing1 day50,000 RMBFees for consultancy servicesBlackRock ConsultingRefundable
2. Preliminary assessment of application requirements
3. Preparation of documents2-4 weeks10,000-15,000 RMB/family (can be translated or notarized by yourself)Document-processing costsTranslation agencies, notaries, real estate appraisal companies, accounting firms, etc.Non-refundable
4. Attorney review of the full set of informationUS$ 15,000/family (free choice of law firm)Immigration attorney's feesLaw firmPartially refundable
5. Complete the investment and get the investment certificateUS$ 500,000/familyinvestment fundsregional centerrefundable
6.Filing I-526 Visa ApplicationUS$ 3,675/familyI-526 Filing FeeMigration BoardNon-refundable
7.The Immigration Bureau examines the complete set of documents
8. Obtain I-526 approval405 USD per personVisa feeMigration BoardNon-refundable
9. Embassy interview2~3 days
10. Visa approval7 working days
11. Landing in the U.S. to receive a conditional green card0-6 months

Note: The list of fees is for reference only, and the specific fee details are subject to the real-time updated list by the Immigration Bureau and third-party organizations.

Material List

Name of materialCompulsoryClarificationUse StageElse
ResumeYesNonePreparation of information
Preparation of information
Yes1. All applicants shall provide 2 visa photos per person taken in the past 6 months;
Yes2. Specification: 51mmX51mm color white background;
Yes3. The expression should be natural and the posture should be upright. Glasses and hats should not be worn, and the ears should be exposed.
Applicant's passport information page, US visa page, and entry and exit stamp pageYesPassport validity period not less than 12 monthsPreparation of information
Applicant's ID cardYesProvide copies of the front and back of the new version of the ID cardPreparation of information
Marriage certificateYesSubmit a copy of each page, including the coverPreparation of information
Divorce certificate and divorce agreement (if applicable)YesSubmit a copy of each page, including the coverPreparation of information
Household registration bookYesSubmit a copy of each page, including the coverPreparation of information
Birth certificate of the main applicant and spouseYesTake the original ID card and household registration book to the neighborhood office where the registered residence is located to seal the certificatePreparation of information
Medical certificate of child's birthYesIf the certificate is lost, please ask the hospital to replace it; or take the original ID card and household register to the street office where the household register is stamped with a certificatePreparation of information
doption papersYesIf any adopted children under the age of 21 are accompanying immigrants, please provide the adoption documents issued or filed by the Civil Affairs BureauPreparation of information
Original business cards of the main applicant and spouseYesNonePreparation of information
Graduation certificate and degree certificate with the highest education level (full-time)YesSubmit a copy of each page, including the coverPreparation of information
Non full-time education and vocational related qualification certificatesYesSubmit a copy of each page, including the coverPreparation of information

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