• 2023-10-19 Benjamin

    Are there any pitfalls in buying property for immigration in Greece? Are there any risks involved?

    There won't be any traps in buying property for immigration in Greece, as long as you find a reliable immigration company, there won't be any issues.

    Advantages of BlackRock Consulting's Greece real estate immigration program: no business background, language, education, and medical examination requirements; providing simple personal documents; only need 10,000 euros to obtain permanent residency status in one step, approval can be obtained in 2 months, one person can apply for three generations of immigrants; free travel in Europe without immigration monitoring.

  • 2023-10-19 James

    What is the most appropriate age to study abroad?

    If you want your child to permanently settle abroad in the future, it is better to be more familiar with the local culture, life, education, and work environment. If the economic conditions allow for living and studying abroad, it is recommended to go as early as possible. BlackRock Consulting has outstanding resource advantages in overseas education planning, tailoring international education planning programs for countries such as the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, and Europe, providing a one-stop, more professional, systematic, and comprehensive 'education + employment + identity' planning solution, breaking the traditional study abroad model.

  • 2023-10-19 Sophia

    What is the difference between a Canadian permanent resident and a citizen?

    Canadian permanent residents and citizens enjoy the same benefits from the state, except for the following points: 

    1.Permanent residents have no political rights 

    2.Permanent residents cannot have a criminal record in Canada

    3.Permanent residents cannot hold important positions in the military and government departments 

    4.Permanent residents do not hold a Canadian passport and do not enjoy the corresponding visa-free treatment.

  • 2023-10-19 Amelia

    Is Malta's government bond immigration reliable?

    Compared to buying a house or investing in a company for immigration, investing in a country's government bonds should be the most reliable way. Malta's government bonds are certified as AAA grade and supported by national legislation. Holding the bonds for 5 years, there is an annual return of around 2%, and they can be sold after 5 years. Now, in addition to purchasing in full, there is also the option of financing, with a lower initial investment. Currently, the minimum amount for overseas immigration is only 70,000 euros. This method is still recognized by the Maltese government and is subject to strict regulation of financing institutions, so you can purchase with confidence.

  • 2023-10-19 Mason

    Which immigration country is suitable for retirement? And can enjoy multiple benefits?

    Malta is a world-renowned "retirement paradise", consistently ranking among the top three countries in the world for livability and retirement. Malta is an island nation in the central Mediterranean, known as the "heart of the Mediterranean", and is Europe's most famous leisure destination. Malta has the 5th best healthcare system globally, generally surpassing that of the UK, US, and most European countries. With 24-hour medical centers, residents can receive medical treatment simply by presenting their identification. The standard of living and healthcare are among the best in the world, and the entire society is very friendly towards the elderly, with low retirement costs. If one immigrates to Malta and obtains permanent residency, they can enjoy free public healthcare, significantly reducing their medical expenses in old age.

  • 2023-10-19 Liam

    How long must green card holders stay in the United States each year?

    After obtaining a green card, green card holders need to reside in the United States for at least 6 months (183 days) each year. Otherwise, green card holders may be considered as foreign nationals, which could potentially affect future green card renewal or naturalization applications.

  • 2023-10-19 Nc

    If my US B1/B2, F1, L1 visas are denied, can I apply for an EB-5 visa?

    Previous refusals do not necessarily hinder the application for an EB-5 visa unless the refusal was related to fraud or other significant issues. The most important point is that clients should inform our company and lawyers of any criminal, health, or US immigration history issues before submitting the application. This will help us tailor our approach and maximize the client's chances of obtaining an EB-5 visa.

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